Digital Women UK was launched at City Hall in September 2013 to facilitate female creatives, emerging and established entrepreneurs and women in tech to fully engage with digital entrepreneurship, actualise their aspirations and help shape their vision.

Our core programme is Missing in Action: Women and Digital Enterprise in the UK, which we run in partnership with our Academic Partner Dr Angela Martinez Dy, lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Glendonbrook Centre for Enterprise Development, Loughborough University London

Missing in Action (MIA) provides a creative, reflective and dynamic space for women creatives, techies, and entrepreneurs to empower themselves and each other through collectively identifying and addressing the internal and external barriers that keep them from fulfilling their potential.

Launched in November 2015, the programme is facilitated by an exciting and experienced group of multi-disciplinary practitioners who lead workshops, give interactive talks and host networking events, allowing participants to share ideas, connect and leave with useful tools to apply to their practice. The areas of focus are participant-drive. Current themes include personal relationships with money, self care and the so-called ‘Imposter Syndrome’.

We partner with academics in the areas of gender, intersectionality, digital technologies and entrepreneurship to develop a cutting-edge research and impact agenda, with the aim of influencing future policy to better account for, enable and support digital and creative women.

We will soon be posting information about our September 2017 events and our third anniversary MIA seminar in Birmingham in November 2017.

Our new site will be live by in October 2017.

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